At Aish Fire Control you will receive the personal attention that you deserve. We keep track of due dates for the service of our clients Fire Safety Equipment, so you don’t have to worry about that. Once you have made the call to us for a quotation for supply or the service of Fire Safety Equipment, we will send a registered technician on site to do a free assessment of the sites fire risk and to complete an equipment register for a detailed quotation. We will also advise on emergency signage that may be required at the site. 

Once we get the go ahead for a service, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to proceed with the service. Our team of SAQCC qualified technicians will complete the service and discuss any equipment on site that is not at the required standard.  

We are currently able to recharge extinguishers on site, giving us competitive advantage. Once a service is complete the technicians will make themselves available to provide a basic demonstration on how to use the Fire Safety Equipment that is on site. 

All our products are SABS approved – please go to our Home page for PDF downloads of our certification. Our after sales service include a detailed location list of all equipment that was serviced. Following a service we issue a Certificate of Service. 


For more information on our services and products, please give us a call so that we can assist you.


Not every fire extinguisher is effective on every kind of fire.

It is important to identify the fire risk and purchase the correct fire extinguisher.

“DCP” Dry Powder Extinguishers are most commonly used on fires of flammable liquids, electrical fires, or burning materials like wood or paper.

“CO2” CO2 Extinguishers are used most commonly on fires involving sensitive electrical equipment & liquid fires, including petrol fires.

“DCP” Dry Powder Extinguishers are most commonly used on fires of flammable liquids, electrical fires, or burning materials like wood or paper.

The heavy duty vehicle bracket is weather proof, available in various sizes and can be easily mounted on vehicles.

Steel and fibreglass cabinets and key-boxes are available for Extinguishers, Hose Reels & Hydrants.


Fire Hose Reels and Fire Hydrants are connected to the mains water supply.

They provide a reasonably accessible, high pressure water supply and are ideal to combat fires.

These hoses are attached to a Hydrant to supply a high pressure of water to extinguish a fire.

Hydrant Valves are available in Brass and Cast-Iron, the lay-flat hose connects directly into the Hydrant Valve.

These nozzles connect to the lay-flat hose, to aim, control and regulate the flow of water on a fire.

Hose Reels provide water to combat Class A fire risk, with a standard fully extended hose length of 30 metres.

With our range of spares we are able to repair most Hose Reel and Hydrant leaks, speedily.


Fire detection devices greatly reduce the risk of serious damage during a fire.

A well-stocked first-aid kit, that is easily accessible is also important for every office and home.

The kitchen fire blanket is a great way to keep safe when cooking and in the kitchen.

Battery operated smoke alarms are affordable fire detection devices.

Our home kit provides a basic allround solution for home fire-safety

The redlam bolt is a cost effective, approved way of securing an emergency exit.

Our range of first aid kits, help us provide a total safety solution for almost any premises.


Our technicians are trained to identify suitable positioning of Danger, Emergency, Hazard and Warning signage.

These include roof hanging and wallmounted signs.

Signs are available in ABS, Chromadek and Phosphorescent (glow in the dark).